Monday, March 28, 2011

014: Bloom Town Detroit

Bloom Town is a community gardens project located between Clay St. and Philadelphia Ave. on Oakland St. in Detroit. The gardens are planted with monochromatic blooms which flower with different colors throughout the year. Each of the gardens is planted within the foundation walls of a recently demolished house, tracing the history of the neighborhood, while at th same time building anticipation for and marking the communities re-birth. The changing colors of the gardens hope to increase the flow and movement around this particular neighborhood, creating places of calm, community, and activity, similar to those gardens established in the 1970s in New York.

The gardens hope to increase interaction between the members of the community in which they are planted.  The project hopes to set up a foundation which will allow the gardens to continue into the future both financially and with adequate volunteers for maintenance. 

The interaction between Bloom Town's founder, Ellen Donnelly, and the residents of the community in which the project takes place is evidence of what these gardens are capable. Although they supply neither food nor economic sustenance, they are building a sense of worth and changing the local idea of what this community, in one of the most blighted areas of inner-city Detroit, deserves. 

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